Let's get you and your partner

Ready for your session!

Here are a few things that you + your partner can to do prepare:

1. WHAT TO WEAR | Don’t let this stress you out! Have fun with it and pick things that you’d want to wear on a date night or to feel your best ! I always recommend neutral colors. Avoid bright colors/neon colors as they reflect onto your skin. If one of you wears a pattern, the other should be in a solid. I always recommend two outfits. If you do a casual outfit, we always start off with that, and save your more dressy outfit for near sunset. (Unless shooting at sunrise, then you would wear your more dressy outfit first.)

2. H/MU | This is a great time to have a day of getting glammed up ! If you prefer doing your own H/MU, I always recommend going one step bolder than your normal look, it looks way better on camera !

3. BLING BLING | (If for an engagement session) Is your ring ready for it’s closeup? Cleaning it prior to your session will bring out the shine, because if you’re following me on insta, you already know I love some ring shots !

4. TIMING | We’ve scheduled your session to catch the best possible light on the day of your session. If you’re even a little bit late, we might lose the chance to get the most out of our session and that would be disappointing! If you can, please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early, especially if we are hiking.

5. MAKE IT ABOUT YOU + YOUR PARTNER | Want to do something fun, or showcase something that’s special to you and your partner? Maybe fun sunglasses, matching band t’s or something that’s sentimental to your relationship? Bring it along so we can incorporate it into your session!

6. RELAX & ENJOY | Don’t feel like you have to be a pro model. I’m going to help direct and lead you through your session. It’s going to be fun, pinky promise!

Examples of outfit choices --

You can also check out my Pinterest board -> here for more ideas !

Next question, but where ? Let's pick a location !

I want you to pick a location that feels the most special to you and your partner, to make your photos unique to you. The beach, the mountains, your grandparents house, your venue, I’ll go wherever. (I also have a great list of 10+ mountain locations, because that is my specialty !)

Things to consider when picking an adventurous location
– Wear comfortable shoes. It can be rocky and sometimes muddy !
– Consider changing at the top of the hike. I have a pop up changing tent we can use ! (Unless it’s super windy)
– The weather in the mountains can change quickly. Although I will do the best to make your epic photo dreams come true, there is a risk of it being extremely windy, temperatures can drop suddenly and it’s possible for it to be foggy.