What is a spicy session?

Here's some deets!

Are you ready to get spicy?

What is a spicy session you may be wondering?  How does it work? Where would we do it? Last but not least, what’s the cost?

Spicy sessions are customized to each couple, their vision and how they want to express themselves and their love. I love getting to capture all the sweet in-between moments, as well as helping guide my clients to getting bad ass spicy photos in their galleries.

How does it work? Once you send me an inquiry, we start building a vision for your session.

Where would we do it? The possibilities are endless. I have private outdoor property (as well as a bad ass 6ft metal stock tub & cast-iron tub), a few studio locations that can be rented, as well as a list of approved Airbnb’s.

What should we expect to spend? As each spicy session is customized to each client’s unique vision, starting cost is $700 + tax. Couple is responsible for any other fees (airbnb/studio rental/car rental, et) depending on their vision.

Contact me to see if we’d be a good fit !

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